Dahlia and Mateen


(mother, 42)



(son, 5)




For this mother's day, at r y e, we've been contemplating the timeless nature of a mother's love, carefully passed down through generations. Stepping into the limelight are the narratives of four remarkable mothers in their own right, each gracefully navigating the ever-evolving phases of motherhood. Infused with pearls of wisdom, sprinkles of audacity, and an overflow of tenderness, these tales resonate as cherished heirlooms—eternally bestowed, eternally genuine. From the heart of every mother, always with love. 









Dahlia and her son Mateen share a deep bond typical of a mother and young son, where the world is wide with curiosity and wonder, and the stories are endless. Mateen treasures moments with Dahlia, whether they're creating puzzles, playing games, or pretending to be meerkats and building meerkat lairs. Dahlia embraces the unpredictability of raising a preschooler, finding it invigorating and fostering youthfulness and boldness. They mutually admire each other, relishing their time together and reminiscing about cherished memories and routines.





in what ways do you think motherhood has changed since you became a mother, and how do you see it evolving in the future?


D: I have become more patient and curious about seeing the world through a child’s eyes. It has made me feel younger and more brazen!



how do you stay connected with your children, especially as they grow older and become more independent?


D: By leaning in with curiosity on their day-to-day activities. Nothing is mundane. I love hearing stories about their day.




Dahlia wears the tailored eyelet vest top in linen paired with the pleated midi skirt in black


do you have any rituals or routines that make you feel confident and empowered as a mother?


D: I always set a goal at the beginning of the year: to start something new, to run a marathon, or even to learn a new skill. This habit creates time for me to invest in myself.



how do you define your personal style, and how has it evolved over the


D: It’s colorful, with a focus on prints and textures, but the style is always classic tailored silhouettes.



is there a particular item (memory, song, object) that always reminds you of your mum?


M: On Wednesdays, we read Dr Seuss’ Wacky Wednesday, which I treasure.


Dahlia wears the origami cuff oxford striped shirt in deep blue stripe, paired with the striped boxer bermuda, also in deep blue stripe


what is something your mum does that always makes you smile or feel loved?


M: I feel loved when mummy plays games with me. Sometimes we make up our own puzzles or games, like pretending I am a meerkat and building a meerkat lair on the sofa.


can you recall a time when your mom’s advice or example had a big impact
on you?


M: Mummy always taught me to believe in myself.



Photography Darren Gabriel Leow 

Creative Direction & Styling Daryll Alexius Yeo

Hair & Makeup Hongling Lim

Interviewed by Shenali Wijesinghe

Featuring Dahlia Mohd, Mateen Ilyas

Special Thanks Bessie YeSarah Kelly Ng


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