a festive cocktail with sasha wijidessa



a festive cocktail with sasha wijidessa








Sasha Wijidessa discovered her passion for mixology during a pivotal role as a bar-back at a gastropub in Singapore. Merging her affinity for the sciences, Sasha's pharmaceutical science diploma played a crucial role, enabling her to skillfully craft cocktails that transcend the conventional at Fura. She opted for her cherished libation, The Penicillin, describing it as warm and invigorating—a perfect choice for festive tropical holidays.



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"An ideal companion for tropical getaways, this drink combines the comforting warmth and spice of ginger with the kick of chilli spirit, all while maintaining a refreshing coolness with its citrus undertones."






cocktail shaker
tea strainer
glass with ice


100ml empirical ayuuk
50ml lemon juice
30ml agave
20ml ginger juice



  1. Juice 2 lemons and strain off both the seeds and the pulp.

  2. Juice some fresh ginger till you have about 20ml of juice and reserve.

  3. Measure and pour all your ingredients into the shaker.

  4. Scoop some ice into the shaker and close.

  5. Shake it vigorously until the shaker frosts.

  6. Open and strain through both strainers onto a prepared rocks glass with ice.




Photography Kah Ying

Creative Direction & Styling Daryll Alexius Yeo

Hair & Makeup Hongling Lim

Interviewed by Shenali Wijesinghe

Featuring Christina RasmussenSasha Wijidessa

Special Thanks Bessie YeSarah Kelly Ng




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