the art of gifting

the art of gifting

Discover our curated collection of objects designed to elevate and inspire, with every detail thoughtfully designed to fit the sartorial dreams of any of your loved ones this festive season.

for the dreamer

the art of glass

embrace the imaginative spirit with our Art of Glass candles—Dimorfig for day and Cellarage for night—a perfect gift for those enchanted by dreams and reverie. 


Inspired by the surrealist movement, the molten glass vessel captures the alchemy of heat and fragility, casting an enchanting aura. Dimorfig, with crisp botanical notes of damask, rose, fig, and tomato leaves, suits early risers for a soothing morning ritual.

Night owls, indulge in Cellarage—a moody blend of tobacco, agarwood, black tea, and creamy vanilla—to keep the night waxen and the creative juices flowing. 



for the urban explorer

the shopper's tote

embark on city escapades with our shopper’s tote, available in three vibrant colours perfect for the holidays: blue, raspberry, and mint. 


Carefully crafted from repurposed fabric, its unique design transforms each outing into a sartorial adventure—the perfect companion for the spirited wanderer. Ideal for the friend who is always on the go and craving extra space for their cherished bits and bobs.






for the sustainably minded

the bouquet bag

the bouquet bag is designed to carry the ephemeral beauty of blooms—a delightful companion for those who cherish adorning their spaces with the language of flowers.


Conceived with circularity in mind, it proves to be the perfect fit for the sustainably minded. Seamlessly transitioning from the flower market to bustling squares, it effortlessly carries not only flowers but also baguettes and leafy greens, transforming mundane errands into a visual celebration of nature's poetry.





for the pragmatist

the r y e bottle

revel in the marriage of form and function with
the r y e bottle, an ode to practical elegance.


Enrobed in a chic black cap and sepia palette, its slender mouth and reusable construction narrate a tale of refined utility. It’s BPA-free, leakproof, and dishwasher safe, making it the perfect choice for the friend who values simplicity, functionality, and style in every sip.






for the eternal vacationer

the coastal gift set

step into an endless summer with our artisanal raffia fan and limited-edition macramé messenger bag from the resort’24 collection. 



Whether they're basking in the sun or exploring new destinations, 
our coastal gift set is the ideal companion for the traveller who believes in bringing the essence of vacation wherever they go. Because, for them, it's not just a trip; it's a perpetual summer escape.








 Photography Kah Ying

Creative Direction & Styling Daryll Alexius Yeo

Story by Shenali Wijesinghe

Featuring Fura

Special Thanks Bessie Ye, Sarah Kelly Ng


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